Liberal Arts


 1997 Graduate of Mayville State • Degree in Chemistry

Attending U of M on a full law scholarship, formerly Director of External Relations at the Yale School of Engineering


Liberal Arts

The mission of the Division of Liberal Arts is to prepare students for careers, life-long learning, citizenship, cultural enhancement and problem solving. Division graduates will read, write, speak, listen, and think with precision, awareness of purpose and maturity of style. Graduates will show perception, sensitivity, critical thinking and knowledge in their study of behavioral-social process and institutions. Graduates will also have increased knowledge concerning human accomplishments in art, music, history, rhetoric, and literature, and will value life-long participation in society and culture.

Mayville State's programs in liberal arts include Communication, English/English Education, Geography Education, History Education, Music, Social Science/Social Science Education and sociology.


Pre-Professional Programs

 Some find it convenient to complete the first years of college at Mayville State before transferring to other institutions for advanced specializations. No specific baccalaureate degree is required for entry into many of the common professional programs, but careful planning is imperative for successful matriculation. All students All students should be aware that specific requirements for professional schools vary and change over time. To make the transition as smooth as possible, students are urged to plan carefully with an academic advisor at Mayville State while consulting with the institution to which they plan to transfer. Common pre-professional opportunities at Mayville State that fall under the area of liberal arts would include criminal justice and law.


University Studies

The Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.) degree provides flexibility for students who wish to determine the content of their degree rather than pursue a specific major. Each student will design a program leading to specific educational goals, but not necessarily within any one department. This provides a flexible and adaptable degree based on your individual needs and previously completed coursework.