Dakota Prairie School

Dakota Prairie School: McVille

The Dakota Prairie:McVille site is located within the Dakota Prairie Elementary School in McVille and serves children ages 3 to 5 years. Dakota Prairie:McVille has two seperate class options: Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesdays/Thursdays. This 9-month program operates the same hours as the public school, 8:30am through 3:30pm. 

The program options available at this site are as follows:

  • Head Start
    • M-F
  • Child Care
    • MWF
    • T/TH

Pictures of the Dakota Prairie:McVille site to be posted soon.

Dakota Prairie: McVille Calendar (PDF): McVille_Parent_Calendar.2014-15.pdf

Parent Handbook: Parent_Handbook_14-15.pdf


Dakota Prairie School
101 Nyhus Ave
McVille ND 58218


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